Tuesday, February 16, 2010

"Oliver" Jogless Stipes Hat

By: Amy Andersen

Never done jogless stripes before? Don’t worry, they are easy to do and written into the pattern for you.

Free Pattern

Materials Used:

3 different colored skeins (approximately 60 yards of each) of Plymouth Encore worsted weight yarn or worsted weight yarn of choice

1- 16 inch US #2 circular needle

1- 16 inch US #4 circular needle, or size needed to obtain gauge.

1- 24 inch (or longer) US #4 needle, for decreases done using magic loop method, or US #4 double point needles

1- Stitch marker

1- Tapestry needle

Mens, approx. size 22-23'' head.

Gauge: 5.75 sts. per inch or 23 sts. and 33 rows per 4 square inches in stockinette stitch with size 4 needle.


K2tog = Knit two stitches together

SL1p= Slip one stitch purl-wise

Note: This hat is designed to covers ears completely, if you prefer a shorter hat, you could modify by doing one fewer repeat of rounds 9-14.


Using size 2 needle, CO: 114 in color #1, place marker and join in round

Rounds 1-8: K2, P1

Change to size 4 needle and color #2

Round 9: Knit round

Round 10: SL1p, knit remaining round

Rounds 11-14: Knit round

Change to color #3, Repeat rounds 9-14

Change to color #1, Repeat rounds 9-14

Change to color #2, Repeat rounds 9-14

Change to color #3, Repeat rounds 9-14

Change to color #1, Repeat rounds 9-13

Decreases: (Piece should measure approx. 5 ½ inches)

Round 1: K6, *K2tog, K10* (105 sts. remaining)

Round 2: Change to color #2, knit round

Round 3: SL1p, knit remainder of round

Round 4: K3, *K2tog, K9* K2tog, K1 (95 sts. remaining)

Rounds 5-6: Knit round

Round 7: K6, *K2tog, K8* K2tog, K7 (86 sts. remaining)

Round 8: Change to color #3 then knit round

Round 9: SL1p, knit remainder of round

Round 10: K4, *K2tog, K7* K1 (77 sts. remaining)

Round 11: Knit round

Round 12: K2, *K2tog, K6* K2tog, K1 (67 sts. remaining)

Round 13: Knit round

Round 14: Change to color #1, *K2tog, K5*, K2tog, K2 (57 sts. remaining)

Round 15: SL1p, knit remainder of round

Round 16: K2, *K2tog, K4*, K1 (48 sts. remaining)

Round 17: Knit round

Round 18: K1, *K2tog, K3* K2tog (38 sts. remaining)

Round 19: Knit round

Round 20: *K2tog* (19 sts. remaining)

Round 21: *K2tog*, knit last stitch of round together with first stitch of next round.

Round 22: *K2tog* until 6 sts. remain. Cut yarn leaving a tail. With tapestry needle, draw yarn through remaining 6 sts. Pull tight, knot. Weave in ends.

After knitting my husband some mittens (seen below), I had some yarn left over and he requested a hat to match, so this is what I came up with. On a side-note, his name isn’t Oliver, but the colors he chose reminded me of olives.

Used "Warmest Mittens" pattern by Kris Percival.


  1. Nice set! Thanks for sharing the pattern

  2. Very cool hat ! Thank-you for sharing the pattern I will try to knit it ! :0)

  3. Thank you so much for posting this pattern! I love it, and I think I will make it for my Dad during the holidays. I was just wondering if I could knit the whole thing on size 8 DPNs because I'm a college student, and therefore, quite broke. Also, would I have to cast on less stitches to compensate for the bigger needle size? I'm just trying to cover the ears of a medium sized head :). Thanks again!

  4. Hi Kaitlyn. I've never knit a hat on DPNs, but I'm sure it could be done. And you're right, if you use larger needles, you would want to reduce the number of stitches you cast on.

  5. Angela (anthillakela)December 28, 2010 at 2:30 PM

    Thank you for sharing how to make the stripes level when knitting in the round. It looks so much better and once you know how, it's really easy!

  6. I am so glad I found this. I am going to do two colors for stripes rather than three for the Chicago Blackhawks. I have been looking for a pattern with stripes that are even and a basic one to follow. This is awesome. Love the mittens too. I might have to do those later!

  7. I've already made three of these and love the pattern! So many color pattern options!!! I wrote about it here