Thursday, January 13, 2011


I've made a few of these Morning Walk Headbands Ear-warmers, by Tif Matthews. They're darling and work up really quickly. I'm pretty much all about the turbo fast projects these days. I love to play around with different flowers and buttons to change them up. I keep meaning to make one for myself... soon.

Winter/Spring Baby Gift Combo

My two baby girl "go-to" gifts...

These are both so very quick and easy and always receive rave reviews from the recipients. I love to give them together for a winter baby. The Cabled Baby Hat for when they are first born and it's cold outside. And the "Spring" Headband for when the weather warms up. I've also started gluing my flowers to hair clips so they can just clip on. That way they are removable and can still be used when the baby outgrows the hat/headband. I like gifts to be usable for as long as possible.


For the winter baby boy... you could try a Baby Pixy Hat, by Jessica Gutoski. Here's my heavily modified version. I cast on the number of stitches called for and used a 3/1 rib because I love it for hats. But from there I did my own thing. Since this hat was for a preemie, I started decreasing earlier. For that matter, I completely changed the decreases and added a little pom-pom for good measure.