Monday, February 24, 2014

Immigration Approval and Updated Photos

I don't update a lot because the process is agonizingly slow and we go weeks without anything new to report.  Friends and family are always asking, "How's the adoption coming along?" and it's hard to know how to answer.  I could tell them that we're happy that our I-800a was approved without and RFE and that we received our I-797 and sent it off for certification and authentication with our other dossier docs.  We hope to be DTC within a month and are praying that when it's our turn we have a very quick LOA because we're dying to get TA.  But honestly, my husband probably couldn't make sense of that response, let alone people who are completely new to the adoption process.  So, to avoid having to explain it all, I usually just respond, "Things are going slowly, but we're making progress."  
But I'm going to educate you just the tiniest bit and let you know that the I-800a form is the form we sent into the US Citizenship and Immigration Services Department of Homeland Security.  They sent back a I-797 Notice stating that we are approved to bring Jordan in to the country as our adopted son.  This is a BIG step that we get to check off our list of things to do and it feels good.  

And now for some updated photos:  

  Okay, this isn't actually an updated photo, but it's new to us.  The woman in the picture was in China volunteering at Jordan's last foster care home and sent this picture to us.  I love this picture!  It speaks volumes to me.


 These are our newest pictures of Jordan.  We got them along with the following update:

His current health is good.  (This is good... he had pneumonia last winter and has had some lung troubles this winter)

He can stand for several seconds on his own, take steps holding onto handrail.  (Such a big boy now.)

He can say mama.  (I can't wait to hear that!!)

He is not potty trained.  (They still have time for that...  That could be the one bonus of having to wait so long.  Maybe I can send Mason over and they can potty train them both, no?)

He eats formula mixed with rice cereal, congee, noodle, vegetable. (Hurray and Huzzah!  It sounds like he doesn't have complete oral aversions that some RSS kids can have.)
This picture shocked me... he is looking SO grown up!!  He, and his fluffy hair, are definitely growing!  Sigh.  I wish we didn't have to miss another minute of his growing up.  Love this guy!!