Thursday, October 7, 2010

Hats for Carrie

A good friend of mine recently underwent brain surgery. Carrie is the kind of person who would do anything in the world for someone else, but won't let people do things for her. I kept asking what I could do to help out. Cooking... no. Cleaning... no. Child care... no. But when I asked if she's let me knit her a hat... yes! She had to have part of her head shaved, so she agreed and was actually excited for me to knit her a hat.

I quickly knit up a Koolhaas for her.

Then I thought I should knit up another option, in case she didn't like the Koolhaas.
So I knit up a Lace-leaf hat next.

Unsure of which one she would want, I knit up an adult version of my "Totem" pattern.

Can you tell I'm indecisive? So now I'm off to give her all three!


  1. Those are BEAUTIFUL!!! I wouldn't be able to decide which one to give her either...good call with all of them.

  2. so..beautiful. I like a Lace-leaf hat .