Friday, September 28, 2012

Today is Children's Growth Awareness Day

The Magic Foundation is a such a fantastic organization that's made a huge difference in my family's life.  It's Growth Awareness Day and they are asking people help spread their message.  Feel free to copy and paste/ share this information:

Why is children's growth so important?

Children's growth (how much they grow each year) is a major indicator of their overall health. If they are growing at least 2 inches each year (after the age of 2 and before puberty) it is a strong sign that they are healthy. If they are NOT growing this bare minimum, it can be an early warning sign of underlying health issues such as disease, tumors, nutritional problems, hormone imbalances or unidentified syndromes. Paying attention to those height markers made on walls by parents, and the growth charts at the physicians offices gives crucial information for catching problems in their early stages.

Many people do not realize the importance of this simple information. Consequently children may struggle for years with an unhealthy body or serious problem which can be treated.

What good does spreading this information really do?

Efforts like this have literally saved the lives of children. Simple information about children's growth have helped parents realize that something was wrong, pointed them to online educational resources, and helped them find their way to experts- quickly. Serious problems like brain tumors have been identified with enough time to make a life long change for children.

Why should you get on board with this challenge?

Because you are probably just like us...hard working people who have busy lives. Alone, we cannot possibly make enough noise for the world to hear us...but united we are loud!

How you can help!

Send one simple email to your friends and family. Ask them to forward on and continue the chain! It's that simple! I assure you that somewhere along this information path, a child's life will be changed! You could be the person who makes that happen.

Thank you. Together we are MAGIC!

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