Thursday, April 10, 2014

Hike To The "G"

Utah is kind of funny, for a lot of reasons, one being that many of the mountains have huge letters on their sides.  I grew up near the "Y"  For BYU.  Now we happen to live near the "G", for Pleasant Grove, a nearby city.  Ever since moving to our neighborhood, I've wanted to hike to the "G", this Spring Break we finally did!

   I love our view of Mount Timpanogos!

Starting point.

  This isn't a super long hike, but it's a very steep climb.  It didn't help that somehow we ended up on the wrong trail and took a harder way up.  But our kids hiked like champs and didn't complain. 

  We have hiked the "Y" in Provo, which is rocks plastered together and painted white.  I was surprised that the "G" is actually thin sheets of metal painted white and weaved through wire.  It kind of looks a little junky up close, but I guess it does the job.

 The kids had fun looking at all of the names of the people who had left their mark and signed the G.  Maddie found Jordan's name, so I took a picture.  It wasn't until I put the pictures on the computer that I noticed the date with Jordan's name... 11/13.  That's Jordan's birthday!  I thought that was a pretty cool coincidence. 

We ate dinner on the G then started back down the mountain.

"We were there!"

 We saw a lot of deer just off the trail on our way down. 

Beautiful sky on the way down.

 We live in such a pretty place surrounded by mountains and I love the view of the lake from above... We live so close to it, but don't usually get to see it like this.  I love it!

 The sunset got really colorful just as we were driving home.  
The kids all thanked us over and over for taking them to the G.  It was a fun little outing that I'm sure they'll often remember when they look up and see the G. 

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