Friday, May 22, 2015

A Jo-Jo Update

Jordan, aka Joe, Jo-Jo, Joege, or George has been home with us for over 9 months now.  He has grown and changed so much.  He's gained 5 pounds and grown 4 inches since joining our family!  Considering he was only 14 pounds when we met him... this is crazy, huge growth and I'm going to go ahead and pat myself (and Ryan) on the back for this.  Getting Jordan to eat has been by far our biggest challenge with him.  We've spent hours upon hours during the day coaxing him to eat and many a late nights feeding him extra bottles.  So it's pretty great to see it's paying off.  Jordan's language comprehension is amazing and his vocabulary is starting to explode.  He's starting to learn the alphabet and can identify about 1/2 the letters now.  He loves cars, Legos, books, jumping on the trampoline, playing outside, and doing anything his older siblings are doing.  Jordan knows what he wants and gives us some two-year-old attitude when he doesn't get it, but his tantrums are really pretty mild and kind of make me laugh.  He is really such a fun kid who is adored everywhere he goes.  I mean, look at the kid... he is darling!

"Where's Jordan?"

"Where's Mama?"

Now stop taking pictures so I can play.

And this is becoming our new normal.  Jordan will most likely be diagnosed with asthma, but the doctor is holding off a little bit longer before making it official.  (It's usually not diagnosed until a child is 5 years old)  I am still so new to the asthma world and trying to understand the ins and outs of it.  All I know for sure is that asthma attacks in the movies are NOT helpful with knowing what to watch for in real life.  Also, Jordan does NOT like his cute dragon mask and flicks it during his neubulizer treatments to prove his disdain.  Bless this child for being cranky, yet compliant.

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