Sunday, August 30, 2015

Day 2: A Day of Rest

We took it very easy today.  We rested in the hotel room and then, in the afternoon, we ventured out to find an LDS church meeting. 

These two are great at coming up with fun things to do together.

This is the building where the Shanghai branches of the LDS church meet.  It was pretty fun to see that, while we may be in China and the building might look different, but the church is pretty much the same.  It was good to feel the peace of the spirit after all of the craziness of getting here and the stress/anticipation that have been mounting.  A nice quite church day was exactly what we needed.

We've been wanting to give the Metro a try, so we decided to be brave and figure out how to take it home from church.

It was hot, and pretty crowded, but overall, not too bad and much cheaper than a taxi.

We made it!

And now we're just getting everything ready for the big day.  Hallie will be sleeping in this crib tomorrow!  It's about to get really, real. 

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