Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Jia's 1st Birthday!

[I promise I will eventually work knitting back into my knitting blog, but for now, our adoption is kind of taking over]

Before we were even matched to Jia, I told Ryan I wanted to celebrate his first birthday... 
...just in case we were matched to him.  

Ryan didn't think it was a good idea to let ourselves get too excited... 

...just in case we weren't matched to him.  

Luckily we found out we were matched to him before his birthday so we could celebrate with out worrying about it.  We would have much preferred to have Jia with us to celebrate his 1st birthday, but it was fun to celebrate him all the same.  

 We had Chinese for dinner.  I busted out the bowls I bought in china and everyone attempted to eat with chop sticks.  Some with more success than others.

We sang Happy Birthday and everyone blew out one candle for Jia. 

 Hahahahaha!  Mason and his funny faces!

We love you and miss you Jia!  Can you miss someone you haven't met?  Yes, yes you can.  
Happy Birthday!

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