Friday, November 29, 2013

More Jia In Our Lives

Jia's foster care organization has a Facebook page that I follow.  They often post pictures of the kids that they care for.  One day I saw a picture and thought, that looks a lot like Jia.  Then I looked a little bit closer and thought, that IS Jia, just not a picture that I've ever seen of him.  I clicked on it and it took me to THIS PAGE, where Jia was featured for Preemie Month.  It was like an early Christmas getting to see so many new pictures of our sweet little guy! 


HERE is a link to our only video of him.  

We've had a lot on our plate in November, I'm not just talking about our Thanksgiving dinner plates either.  Of course working on the adoption has been a lot.  Our FBI background check is taking much longer than expected and some of our paperwork has had to be redone because our home study agency and adoption agency have different expectations. We also had our tenants move out of our rental.  We've been hoping the rental would sell to help finance our adoption... but no such luck.  We had a very hard time finding new tenants because November/December is NOT the time of year that most people are moving.  (Also not the time of year we want to be paying two mortgages) After significantly lowering the rent we were able to find a family to rent it.  We've also had our daughter, Kaitlyn's, baptism to prepare for.  And the lack of white dress shoes in November is aggravating to say the least.  Altogether, it's been a pretty stressful month.  

Last week we had to see the doctor to have physicals exams for our adoption. Through routine blood work they found that I have Hypothyroidism.  So now I have an excuse for how tired and spacey I've been.  When the doctor went over the list of symptoms, I was surprised at how many I have but had just written off as getting older and being busy raising kids.  I've started medication, so maybe I'll be a whole new woman... or not.  

I just think I need more Jia in my life.

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