Thursday, November 14, 2013

Our Adoption Story: The Miracle

After we were told that Luo was being adopted by another family, we were obviously sad.  Interestingly enough, I was also slightly relieved.  I had been wearing down.  Ryan and I were spending all of our time completing paperwork at a record breaking pace.  (Our social worker said she that if there were records for completing paperwork, we were surely breaking them)  I wasn't sleeping at night because my mind was too busy trying to think of any other possible thing that we could do that might somehow help bring Luo home.  Trying to do what everyone says is impossible is completely exhausting.  So I was sad, but slightly relieved, and also confused.  From the first time I saw Luo, I felt sure he was meant to be in our family.  Why did I feel that way if we couldn't bring him home?  And would I feel that strongly about any other child?  And if I did, could I trust myself knowing I had felt that way before and was wrong?

So when Luo was matched with another family we decided to relax a little.  Our new focus was on choosing the right adoption agency.  We struggled with that decision.  Although I had heard great things about them, I didn't really want to go with CCAI, the agency that had originally had Luo's file.  They serve a lot more families than the other agencies I was looking at, meaning a longer wait time to be matched.  And I was also slightly miffed that they matched children with families on a first-come-first-serve basis, rather than with the family that was best suited for the child's needs.  (Obviously- for selfish reasons) There were four other agencies that we were deciding between.  I knew who I wanted to go with, but didn't feel sure enough to turn in the application.  We decided to spend a day fasting and praying that we could make the right decision.  At the end of our fast, we decided we shouldn't count CCAI out, even if I wanted to, so we put them back on the list.  Then I decided to email them one last time to be absolutely sure Luo was going home with that other family. 

The next day was the day that we got Timothy's file, the cute little guy that we knew wasn't ours.  That same day I also got a response from CCAI telling me that the family that was going to adopt Luo BACKED OUT!  That rarely happens.  Not only that, CCAI was able to get his file back!  Still, we were told that there were others who needed to see his file before us and if none of those families decided to move forward, we would get to see Luo's file.  On top of that, there was still the problem of getting our dossier done fast enough to even be eligible to be matched with Luo.  But we finally felt at peace with signing with CCAI, even knowing that being matched with Luo was a long shot.  So we signed with them.  The next day I got another email that completely blew me away.  Luo's file was changed to "Special Focus"... meaning a family could lock his file without having their dossier complete.  That was HUGE!  I did a happy dance and felt like doors were being opened.  We knew CCAI has a lot of families waiting for children, so we assumed it would take a month or two before we would get the chance to see Luo's file, and that was only if every one of the families ahead of us decided to pass on his file.  Unlikely, but still, it made being matched with Luo more of a possibility than it had ever been before.

Then, only two days after we officially applied with CCAI, I got the phone call of my lifetime.  Pam, from CCAI, called to let me know that somehow Luo's file didn't fit with anyone else's Medical Needs List and we were next to get his file.  I started sobbing right there on the phone.  I could not believe it.  I told Pam that of course we wanted Luo's file and called Ryan who was shocked as well.  We got Luo's file.  There were lots of new pictures, and even a short video.  I was all amazement and gratitude while I looked though everything.  We have submitted everything we need to in order to lock his file, received our pre-approval, and everything from here on out should just be hoop jumping.  Luo, well actually we found out that Luo is his last name, his first name is Jia- Luo Min Jia- is going to be our son!   

And now pictures.... the agency said they have never seen a file with so many pictures:

Jia was tiny.  He weighed less than 3 lbs when he was brought to the orphanage.  Such a fighter.

 Oh my gosh, isn't he so stinking cute?  I'm so grateful he will be a part of our family. I can't wait to bring him home!!!

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