Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Red Thread (or yarn in our case)

The first time I heard anything about the "red thread" was about a week after we saw Jordan's face for the first time.  Back when we felt he belonged with our family, but were realizing that everything was stacked up against our being matched to him.  I had contacted many people in hopes that someone would help us find a way around the adoption rules that were preventing us from being matched to Jordan.  In a string of correspondence back and forth between "Julia", a China International Specialist, I received this email: 

Dear Amy,

Luo is a darling little guy :) He's so young and his medial need is considered mild, so the chances of him getting assigned as SPECIAL FOCUS are pretty slim. He'll likely go to the shared list and at that point be locked by an agency that has a family with a dossier already logged into China.

The rules state that he would have to be on the shared list for a full 2 months before his status would change to Special Focus. Your best bet is to get your dossier done as quickly as you can and pray for a lucky break (or a red thread) to this little guy. It is a long shot, but I want to be honest with you and not get your hopes up too high.

Miracles happen I see 'em all the time, but it'd be a miracle.


"Julia" (name changed)

I looked up what a red thread was, and learned that there is an ancient Chinese proverb that states that "An invisible red thread connects those destined to meet, regardless of time, place, or circumstances. The thread may stretch or tangle, but never break." 

Since I'm a knitter, I like to think that it's actually red yarn that connects Jordan to us, but red thread, red yarn, or not, I know for a fact that Jordan is meant to be in our family. 

Yesterday I received this message from a woman named "Heidi":
Hello – I know you don’t know me and I hope this message is not too inappropriate, but when I saw you post the picture of your little one yesterday, I was so so very happy. You see, he was our first referral and after a week of intense research, prayer and soul searching, for various reasons (some of which were personal), we ultimately declined to adopt him. I think it was the hardest thing I have ever done, and my only comfort was the he would find a home somewhere… I know you are probably an answer to prayer for a lot of people who care about him, but wanted to make sure you knew that you are an answer to my prayer specifically. Thank you so much for loving him and making a place for him in your family!

In writing back and forth with "Heidi" I learned that she was the one who contacted the MAGIC Foundation to find out about Russell-Silver Syndrome, which, in turn, lead to Jennifer sharing his information with me.  If it weren't for "Heidi" we never would have know about Jordan or pursued adoption.  This is just one of the many instances were things were laid into place to bring Jordan into our family.  

I believe that God is the tier of "red thread" and has a plan for each of us.  I don't understand why Jordan had to be born on the other side of world and experience the pain and loss that no one his age should have to know, but I know that God loves him and ultimately wanted him to be a part of our family.

Our arms are aching from winding and winding that red yarn to pull Jordan closer to home, but it's a good ache, because we know that eventually we will get to hold him in our tired arms and bring Jordan home.  

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