Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Day 10: No TB! and The Toy Plaza

A little morning sister snuggling.

It was an extremely rainy morning.  Ryan and Kaitlyn braved the downpour to go to the store and these two stayed back with me and bonded over Dum-Dums.  Hallie had a TB test done yesterday at her medical appointment.  We had to wait around today to hear the results.  If her test came back positive, we'd have to go back to the medical clinic for a chest x-ray.  So we were happy when we finally got the news that Hallie is TB free.

Reading some Chinese Children's stories together.  I don't know if I mentioned that Ryan has been studying Chinese since we decided to adopt Hallie.  He felt like him knowing how to communicate on a basic level with Hallie would help with the initial transition, especially since she's so much older than Jordan was.  It's been great!  I really admire his dedication and how far he's come.

We've been wanting to check out the Toy Plaza, so after we got the call with Hallie's test results, we hopped on the Metro and went to see it.

The Toy Plaza is crazy!  First of all, calling it a "Toy" Plaza is misleading because even though there were plenty of toys, there is so much more than toys.  The "Anything and Everything" Plaza would be a better name.  We wandered through mazes of shops, floor after floor.

The kids liked this shop... I thought it was going to make me have a seizure.

There were more shops outside.

 After the Toy Plaza, we decided to try and find a pizza place I had heard about.  Just when I decided I had remembered the directions wrong, and we ready to turn around, we found Fadino's Pizza.

I love it.  They give you plastic gloves to eat your pizza with.

The pizza was great and fun for a change of pace.

 I think Hallie has walked more in the past week than she had the rest of her life put together.  We'll build her some muscle tone in no time!

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