Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Day 5: Down Time

We've finished all of the paperwork we need to do in Shanghai.  At this point, we're just waiting on things to process so we can move on to Guangzhou, where the US Consulate is.  So after being so exhausted yesterday, we decided to take it easy today.

 Hallie loves her Chinese music on this iPod.  She carries it around and sings and dances to it and listens to the lullabies at nap time and bedtime. 

Our kids at home met Hallie over Skype.  It was only slightly wild.  Just wait until they are all under the same roof!  Eek!!

The boys passed some time having Optimus Prime wars.

The "go-to" adoption toy, stacking cups, are a hit.

Our only real outing today was to hunt down some of Yang's Dumplings.   We heard they were delicious and they did not disappoint.

Hallie is an eye-rolling master.  She does it all the time to make us laugh.  She is such a ham!

We found a shop called "Amy" on our way back to the Metro.

 We had to laugh when we saw this shop named "Mine Apple" because Jordan says that all the time when he is being silly.  Mine-Apple!

 These two hit the pool again while Hallie took a nap.

Hallie is still doing so great.  Occasionally we see a few orphanage behaviors come out, but for the most part she is sweet, playful and polite.

Playing ball with Enoch.

 Snuggling sisters... listening to lullabies before bed.

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  1. Yay! So very very wonderful! Love the updates :) - Nancy