Friday, September 11, 2015

Day 12: Packing it in, packing up & Hallie's First Swim

Sweet and Sour Pork, fried rice and pancakes with whipped cream and chocolate sauce for breakfast?  Why yes, Ryan will.  We clearly need to get home and back to our regular routine ASAP!

Just some noodles for this girl.

We received our final documents today and took the traditional adoption pictures.

This entire trip had a very different feel than our adoption trip last year.  We did nearly everything on our own and didn't meet the other family traveling with our agency until near the end.  It was fun getting out and exploring on our own, but I did wish we would have had more time to get to know this fun family.

We got Hallie a few traditional dresses and she adored them.  I had her try them on then she found a mirror where she was smiling, waving and saying "Ni Hao" to herself.  Definitely pleased.  She really loves getting dressed and getting her hair done everyday.

Like last year, we went to the Egyptian restaurant on our last night in Guangzhou.  It was delicious... again. 

Getting a little bit silly.

We spent most of the day packing up and getting ready to go, but we still hadn't had a chance to take Hallie to the pool, so we went for an after dinner swim.

Okay, so in all honesty, the last couple months of waiting to come get Hallie were hard for me.  With Jordan, we got all kinds of information and fun updates while we were waiting.  This time I got stone faced pictures of our girl and heard more and more sad stories about her orphanage.  I worried... a lot.  I wasn't able to feel the same connection with her as I did with Jordan and was preparing myself for the worst, which left me feeling less excited than I should have been.  In fact, I sometimes questioned if we were doing the right thing for our family.  Once we got her final measurements and started pulling out clothes for her, I felt slightly excited.  But it wasn't until I bought this swim suit for her that I really let myself get excited to meet the little girl who would wear it.  Somehow the swimsuit gave me hope.  And look how darling she is in it!  It took a lot of faith, but I am so glad we trusted the promptings we had had to make this beautiful girl our daughter. 

She loved her first swim!

Tomorrow we go home!

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