Thursday, September 3, 2015

Day 6: A Trip To Yuyuan Garden

A little pre-breakfast coloring.

Girlfriend has a major lack of muscle tone.  Everything on her is loosey-goosey, including her posture.

This morning we took the Metro to Yuyuan Garden.  We're getting this subway thing down, multiple transfers and all.

The "old town" buildings here are a lot of fun.

We found some interesting street food again...

but we decided to pass.

The garden itself was really nice.

It's hard to capture all of the details in pictures, but it was very beautiful.

Hallie cheesing it because she was happy that we packed some of her funky tomato snacks, and I'm looking how I feel... tired.  Jet-lag is not my friend.  I still haven't adjusted to the time change and wake up in the middle of every night.  Usually Melatonin or an Ambian will help me go back to sleep, but it's interrupted sleep and I'm always the first one up in the morning.  By the looks of it, it's catching up with me.

The streets outside the garden were packed with people.

These little clips were all over the place.  You put them in your hair to look like you have a flower or grass sprouting out the top of your head.  All kinds of people were wearing them and they were not gender specific.

The ultimate toy shop.

Selfie sticks were also very big here.

Enoch is very popular in Shanghai.  People ask to take pictures with him more often than Kaitlyn.

Waiting to take the Metro back to the hotel.

She likes to find my comb and do her hair.

Winding down the evening with a little more coloring.

 I still can't get over this girl's smile.

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