Saturday, September 5, 2015

Day 7: Eye Rolling and The Bund at Night

This girl has the eye roll down.  We get it all day long... not an actual annoyed eye roll, but an an attempt to get a laugh.  She'll say, "Mama, Baba!" to get our attention then roll her eyes and laugh.  It is pretty funny, but it kind of makes me worry about the teenage years when it's legit.

Hallie got emotional for the first time today.  I was going to go down to the lobby to ask a quick question at the front desk and she reached for me to hold her, I told her I'd be right back and handed her off to Ryan but as I walked toward the door she got frantic and burst into tears.  It was heartbreaking.  We're seeing that there is a lot of anxiety hiding behind her smiles and giggles than meets the eye.  Whenever she senses we're about to go somewhere, she gets clingy, like we might forget to bring her with us.  I can't even imagine how a 4 year old can process the all of the changes she's experiencing right now.  I expect it will take quite a while for her to feel completely secure and understand that we're permanent... and even if we leave for awhile, we're always coming back.

Enoch having a tired moment.  It was an overall tired day for all of us....

...but it was our last night in Shanghai, so we decided to rest up during the day and take the Metro out to the Bund after dinner.

 We though it would be pretty obvious which direction we needed to go when we got off the Metro, but we ended up wandering in the wrong direction for quite a while and every time we asked for directions, we were told the wrong way to go... but the atmosphere was fun and we did eventually make it to the Bund.

 China is celebrating the 70th anniversary of the end of WWII and government offices were closed Thursday and Friday... making it a "holiday weekend" and the crowds were insane!

The Bund!

This cute Chinese girl held Enoch up so he could see better... then kept taking pictures with the kids.


People kept stopping to take pictures in front of these lit up hedges and had some pretty awesome poses.  These two goofballs wanted to give it a try.

A shot of our hotel on our last night in Shanghai, tomorrow we're off to Guangzhou!

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  1. Looks like fun. Hallie has had to endure a lot and rolling her eyes may help her try to express herself - not in a sassy way - but to say with a sigh... life can be tough... but being able to giggle afterwards gives her a sense of relief... and having you laugh along helps create relief... What a blessing that you can be there for her and embrace her with your family love. She is adorable and very sweet.