Thursday, September 10, 2015

Day 11: Consulate Appointment and Safari Park

This morning we had Hallie's U.S. Consulate Appointment.  We had to get up extra early to get there on time, luckily it the last major thing we had to do for Hallie's adoption.  Cameras aren't allowed inside, so we don't have any pictures, but it's a pretty anti-climatic event anyway.

Later that day we took the Metro to Guangzhou's Safari Park.  The Metro is great!  It's really not hard to figure out and is so inexpensive, saving us $$$ on this trip.

We had a quick shuttle bus ride from the Metro.

We made it!

The Safari Park was really great.  It was not crowded at all and had an impressive amount of animals. But what I really loved was how much interaction there was with the animals.

 This is as close as Hallie was willing to stand to the gorilla statue.

We had our least appetizing meal of the trip for lunch... the scaly chips were a bonus we didn't order.

Hallie didn't mind the food.

 Enoch is getting better at chopsticks.

Kaitlyn was incredibly brave and tried the scaly chip stuff.  Apparently it was as bad as it looked.

 On the bright side, we had panda-view seating.

I'm really not a clown lover... stick a clown on stilts in front of me and I just might run away screaming.  

The Safari Park has triplet pandas who recently had a birthday.

2 of the 3 triplets, playing together.


I don't love the humidity of GZ, but I love how green and lush it makes everything.

I loved this koala that was sleeping with his leg crossed.

Yeah, these people were holding their kid to go to the bathroom over a recycle can.  If I were a hash-tagger, I'd do this: #onlyinchina

This is Hallie feeding the giraffe.  I was super surprised she let me her get this close because of her fear of furry things (ie: Ryan's beard and stuffed animals)

"Mr. sleeve-fish"

My favorite moment of the day... Hallie and Coco, the Chimp, played chase for a good 5 minutes.

She was quite taken with Coco.

Hallie was NOT a fan of the animatronic Jurassic animals.

The crowd of people fascinated by Kaitlyn's bravery.

The tiger diving show was crazy amazing.

They dangled hunks of meat in front of the tigers to get them to jump on a pedestal, then leap up for the meat and splash down into the water.  It was pretty crazy.

I swear this clown on stilts was out to get me... he's shaking Kaitlyn's hand, but staring directly into the camera.  Eek!!

Hallie feeding the monkeys.

Good thing we're going home soon... we're wearing this kids out!

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