Saturday, September 5, 2015

Day 8: First Flight - To Guangzhou

We made it to Guangzhou!  Hallie's first flight was a success thanks to a lot of stickers and a sister who kept her distracted.  There was some pretty crazy turbulence that had people yelling like they were on an amusement park ride, and I might have been saying some extra prayers, but it didn't phase Hallie.

Enoch continues to be a hit with the ladies.

It's almost comical how many pictures of our kids are floating around China.

Worn out on the way to the hotel.

 Checking out our new room...

It's not home, but it will do.

Hallie is only slightly ticklish.

We're excited to be in Guangzhou for a lot of reasons but most of all because it means we're one step closer to getting home (I'm really missing our kids at home!) and we're more familiar with our surroundings here.  Also, since all adoptive families have to go through GZ, we've been able to learn from others...  last year we didn't know about this noodle shop right by our hotel, in fact, we walked right past it a few times, but after several families recommended it, it was our first meal stop.  Yum!


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