Sunday, August 10, 2014

China: Day 11 Drenched

We all slept fantastically last night.  We could have kept on sleeping too, but we had to get up so we would have time to eat breakfast before we had to meet up with our group.

We went to visit a Buddhist temple.

The Buddhas of the past, present and future. 

Apparently the 1st and 15th days of the lunar calendar are significant and today with the 15th day so there was a larger than usual crowd.  There was a big group circled around chanting with the monks.  In the middle of the circle were coolers of live fish that they would later to release into the Pearl River.  

Back on the bus, this little man was enjoying easy access to his tummy.  He likes it when I blow zerberts on his tummy.  

Next, we visited The Old Chen House which has been converted into an Arts and Crafts museum.  All Jordan wanted to do was get down and walk.  Luckily there were plenty of open spaces where he could do just that, and a sister that was willing to wander with him.

An artist personalizing a scroll painting we purchased.

Wilting in the heat.  Guangzhou is hotter and more humid than either of the other cities we've been in.

More Chinese paparazzi.  They've trained my girls to hold up peace signs for the camera.  I'm starting to think that we should have charged a dollar for every picture taken of the girls, we could have paid for half of Jordan's adoption!  

Baba's boy.

Jordan's "Huh?" look.  I adore it.

Just hanging out... on the bus.... without freaking out.  Yay!  We've made some major "tolerance of moving vehicle" progress lately.

Little sister and big sister.

Maddie has learned about photobombing as well as the peace sign on this trip. 

We were told the hotel had a fun play area for kids.  We found this small padded room that was not what we were looking for, but Jordan did enjoy the small elephant slide for a while.   

 While we were out to dinner, just across the street from our hotel, a crazy monsoon rain came out of nowhere.  We hadn't packed our umbrella and it didn't look like the rain would let up anytime soon so we decided to make a run for it...

 Here we are, seeking cover at the halfway point... totally DRENCHED!  All three kids thought it was ridiculously fun.  Jordan is upset because he wanted to go back out in the rain.  See him pointing me on?

It's might be hard to see in the picture, but rainwater was rushing down the stairs.  We ran through puddles 4 inches deep.   By the time we made it back to the hotel, we were completely soaked through.

Playing with his staking cups after a bath and before bedtime.  Stacking cups were the highest recommended toy to bring on our trip and they have not disappointed.  Jordan loves these things.  I love this picture.  Doesn't he look so soft and warm and fluffy... and not sweaty?

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  1. Zerberts are a family favorite of ours too. :) He is precious. Did you get ge ge and di di shirts too for the boys?!