Wednesday, August 13, 2014

China: Day 14 Consulate Appointment

We had a very early morning in order to get out the door in time for our Consulate Appointment this morning.  Jordan did really well.  I feel like every day we are together, he relaxes just a bit more.   Even though we felt ready to go home as soon as we got Jordan, I'm now grateful that he's better adjusted before our long flight home.  The consulate appointment itself was anticlimactic.  We took an oath as a group with several other adoptive families.  We were supposed to repeat after a man speaking through a speaker with worse sound quality than a drive through window.  So we all kind of mumbled though the parts we couldn't quite make out.  Then we got some of our paperwork back and Ryan was fingerprinted and we were done.  We should receive Jordan's visa tomorrow afternoon.

We weren't allowed to take our camera to the consulate, so no pictures from there, but here is a picture of the boys taking a quick nap afterwards.

 We had to wake Jordan up to go down to the lobby for group pictures. 

 One of the families in our group is missing because they are adopting two kids and had to be at a medical appointment for their second (amazingly beautiful) child.  I've been touched by the goodness of all of the families in our group.  They are all really amazing people.  

We attempted a baby only picture... 

Jordan may or may not have mauled sweet Mae next to him. didn't go so well.

We tried another... and again... unsuccessful.   

Later, Jordan let me feed him some noodles.  Mostly because Ryan wasn't in the room.  He won't let me give him his bottle anymore.  It has to be Ryan.  He also pulls away sometimes when I rub his little hand or try to hug him.  I know he likes me, he has fun with me, but seems to want me to understand that Ryan is his chosen comforter.  I had prepared myself for him to reject us for days or possibly weeks, but the fact that he did let me do those things and now won't makes my mama heart ache just a bit.  I have no doubt that in time he will understand that I'm his mama, not just another person taking care of him for the time being and that we will build a relationship.  In the meantime, I am grateful that he still lets me hold him and play with him.  We have had lots of great moments together.  

Oh, and this kids laugh needs to be bottled up.  I don't know how to describe it, it needs to be heard to understand how fantastic it is.  

Kaitlyn and Maddie's pen pal has already written them.  They've had fun writing short emails back and forth. 

Ryan and I keep talking about how ready we are to be home.  I've heard other adoptive families say to enjoy the trip while you can because it just gets harder when you're home.   I've been told how overwhelming the adjustment can be when you're still working on bonding with a new child but now have have to cook, clean, run errands and try to get back into a routine.  I keep trying to remind myself of that, and have really enjoyed our time here, but I'm ready to be home all the same.

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