Thursday, August 7, 2014

China: Day 8 Bottle Fed Fish

A little morning bottle snuggle time.  Jordan didn't sleep so well last night.  He woke up crying a few times in the night.  We though he was maybe having nightmares, but in the morning I noticed that his gums were swollen, so he may be teething... it's hard to know for sure.  Every time he woke up I would pick him up and hold him for a minute, then lay him back down and rub his back and tiptoe back to bed.  He would settle back down pretty quickly after being comforted.

Playing with Mama's face. 

 We're pretty much waiting around until Jordan's passport is issued to move on to the next city where we will work on obtaining his U.S. visa.  So today we took a trip to the local aquarium to kill some time.

At this point, Jordan goes to both Ryan and I about equally now.  When we got on the bus to go to the aquarium, I was holding Jordan and could feel his little heart pounding and hear him start to grit his teeth and he started sweating even though it was fairly cool.  (I was worried that the sweating could be hypoglycemia related, but we've tested his ketones and they are fine, I think he's just a nervous sweater)  He did not want to be on another bus.  I handed him off to Ryan who was able to calm him down and keep him distracted and we made the drive without a meltdown.  Yay!

Ryan knows that these Gerber puffs are the way to Jordan's heart.  All he has to do is pull them out and Jordan giggles.  They play feed each other and Jordan makes "nom, nom, nom" sounds, clearly enjoying them.  I just hope they last until we get home.  The snacks he likes the best are all the snacks we brought from home, which is good news for when we are home, but if we run out here, we'll just have to get by without them.

The Zhengzhou Aquarium.

 This was one of the most bizarre things I have ever seen.  You could pay to bottle feed these fish.  They were swimming over each other, and practically crawling out of the water, mouths wide open, hoping to get to suck from the bottle.  I never found out what exactly was in the bottles, but the fish were crazy for it.  CRAZY!

We found seats for the sea lion show, but Jordan was not digging the noise and the crowd, so I bailed on the show to wander the aquarium with little man, while Ryan stayed back with the girls.  Apparently the show was a huge hit with the girls.  They went nuts when the sea lion danced to Gangnam Style.  I'm sad I missed it ;)

 Jordan pointing me on... "that way Mama" he didn't want me to stop moving.

The snack shop: Gourmet Post Small White Whale.  Uh, yeah. 

Jordan's pre-nap Chinese snack cake.  He didn't finish it, but didn't want to put it down, so he took his nap with it in his hand. 

After nap smiles.

Daddy's first bottle feeding. 

Meeting in the hall with bubbles for the little ones. 

 Checking out the menu at dinnertime.

 This guy had his first pizza and actually liked it!

Feeling tired after our 2nd Walmart trip this week.  We stocked up on items that might be harder to find in Guangzhou.  I'm starting to feel ready to go home, but just realized we're only halfway through the trip. We won't receive Jordan's visa until the 14th.  I'm done with living out of a hotel room, missing my boys and hoping time goes by quickly so we can all be together soon.


  1. Your boys are doing great!! They love the presents you have been leaving them! I enjoyed snuggling them for you! Thanks for sharing them while your gone! Love you sister!! Hang in there!!! P.S. Sorry for the 1 am greeting:)

  2. You are beautiful. And I'm excited for you to get home and get settled too, but I am loving reading about your adventures each day.