Saturday, August 9, 2014

China: Day 9 Changing of "The Chosen One"

Today was a free day, which was just what this little guy needed.  No moving vehicles!  Jordan was free to roam around the hotel room and play with us and on his own.  It made me more exited than ever to get him home where he can explore our house and yard.

 Eventually, we decided we needed a break from the room and took a stroll in the rain to a nearby park.  

It was a beautiful park, but the air was cooler than we expected and we hadn't bundled Jordan up, so we didn't stay long. 

The day we met Jordan, our Rep told us that we'd quickly find out who "the chosen one" would be.  Meaning, the parent the child would go to the easiest.  The "unchosen one" would get to do a lot of the paperwork and errands while the "chosen one" stayed back with the child.  I was originally the "the chosen one" but we realized that at some point today I lost my "chosen one" status.  Jordan will still come to me, but he is starting to show a preference for Ryan.  It could have something to do with the fact that I gave him some medicine, which is disliked almost as much as moving vehicles... or that I have changed all of his diapers, another unpopular chore, but it had become clear that Ryan is now the "chosen one".  It's kind of sad for me, but if that means Ryan has to hold him on the upcoming and much dreaded airplane ride, I think I can handle it.  ;)

 Some kids... just fishing in the park fountain.  

Trying to decided if he likes his first M&M.  And... yes, he did.

 Later, I took the girls swimming while the new "chosen one" hung our with Jordan.  Once again, swim caps were a requirement to use the pool.  And since I didn't trust this pool, I added the requirement that they keep their heads above the water.

 There are poolside pingpong tables which had some intense ping pong action going on.

And a foosball table.   Not to brag, but I totally creamed the girls.  (Okay, they may or may not have accidentally scored half of my points for me but after loosing my status with Jordan, I'll take any win I can get)

The major accomplishment for the day was that our rep, Vivian, was able to pick up Jordan's passport after standing in line for 5ish hours.  Yay! 

 For our last night in Zhengzhou, we went to "Small Restaurant" for dinner... yes, that's its name.  And made a spectacle of ourselves when we asked the staff to take a picture of us.  We got a lot of stares as an American family, but get even more as an American family with a Chinese son.

 And, since we were picture happy, we took a picture with our favorite doorman.  He thought we wanted him to take a picture of us and was really surprised (and maybe pleased) that we wanted him in the picture.

Jordan was very fussy tonight and really struggled at bed time.  It's so hard to know what's going on.    Is he feeling sick?  ...he had been pulling at his ear, could it be the beginning of an ear infection?  Is he sad?  ... maybe starting to realize he is not going back to his foster home?  Is he overly tired?  ...he hadn't napped well.  It's hard to know when you are still getting to know someone, especially someone without a lot of language.  Ryan finally decided to take him outside on a walk to calm him down.  He eventually fell asleep, but it is not a night we want to repeat.  

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