Monday, August 11, 2014

China: Day 12 Medical Exam / River Cruise

Today Ryan took Jordan to his pre-visa medical check up.  Since I'm the "unchosen one" and I'm still not feeling great with a sore throat and earache, I stayed back with the girls.  According to Ryan, Jordan only fussed a little bit when he had his temperature taken and when the doctor checked his throat.  He said it helped to have Jordan's favorite Gerber snacks after a 2.5 hour trip and another adoptive family was kind enough to donate another container to Jordan's cause, so now we should have enough to make it through the rest of our trip!!  We owe them big time.

"Brealcfast... Have a nice day" 

 Big boy on the way back to the hotel.

I took Maddie and Kaitlyn to the pool while the boys were out. 

When they got back, the boys came out to the pool to join us.  On a side note- Ryan brought clippers to shave his head and beard but they haven't worked in any of the hotels until Guangzhou, so he finally got to shave!!  

I've been trying to teach Jordan some basic signs... he finally figured out how to sign more! 

A statue we found on a walk near the hotel. 

 Oh thank heaven for 7-11... at least the 7-11 in Guangzhou.  They actually have Slurpees!!!  It only takes a day or two of luke warm drinks in the sweltering heat to make a Slurpee sound amazing.  I was so excited to see a 7-11 in Beijing and so disappointed when they didn't have a Slurpee machine.   So by day 12 on our trip I was thrilled to hear that the 7-11 next to our hotel does in fact have Slurpees!

In the evening, we went on a river cruise on the Pearl River. 

Our guide ordered Papa John's Pizza for us since the food on the cruise has a reputation for being quite nasty. 

Here is all but one of the families in our travel group.  Ryan and I feel lucky to be in a group with such great people.  They are all genuinely nice, easy going, fun people.  

Jordan decided he was going to feed himself Papa John's rice tonight.  And yes, it was a disaster.  

There was a little bit of entertainment going on downstairs.  We missed most of the show, but walked in when this woman was juggling knives and she ended her show by doing tricks with a volleyball.  Maddie and Kaitlyn were a side show when Living La Vida Loco came on and they danced the "Just Dance" routine together.  Crazy girls!  

Having fun with Baba... 

...and now, I want to keep moving... that way Baba! 

Jordan made such a big mess of our table, they had to take our table cloth away.  Oops! 

This boy is so very ticklish and squeals with delight when I tickle him.  It kind of makes me want to eat him up.

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  1. I am so enjoying your updates! Thanks for keeping us updated! I was wondering what the car seat situation is in china. I'm guessing they have different laws??