Tuesday, August 5, 2014

China: Day 6 It's Official

 Our handsome boy at breakfast.  He slept fantastically last night.  In fact we had to wake him up in the morning so we could go and make his adoption official.

Today was such a nice day.  It was the coolest day we've experienced on this trip and there was a breeze that was a breath of fresh air!  Such a welcome change from the usual stifling heat.  Although indoors (other than our hotel) and buses were still not pleasant.  We went back to the building where we met Jordan to finalize his adoption.  Ryan and Jordan spent some quality time together while we were waiting.

Jordan will now let Ryan pick him up!  

After waiting quite a while, we decided to go outside, where it was cooler, to wait.  Jordan liked me to take him up, up, up the stairs, then back down, down, down the stairs. 

Then he wanted to get down to do the stairs himself.

His feathery hair blowing in the wonderful breeze.

More Baba time.

And then we got called back inside and given the papers that make it official.  
Jodan Jia Ron Andersen is our son!!!

 Next stop was the notary office for more... wait for it... paperwork!!  

Afterwards, we took Jordan back to the hotel for a nap, grabbed a bite to eat, and met up with Heather from Swallow's Nest, the foster care organization Jordan spent the past 10 months with.  She took us to see Jordan's home.  I was nervous about taking him back so soon but if we wanted to do the visit with Heather, we had to do it today because she is leaving on vacation tomorrow. 

When we first walked in, one of the nannies reached out to take Jordan and he wouldn't go to her!  I was so glad that even though we have been with him such a short amount of time, he's already starting to bond to us and knew he belonged with us.  After a while, he relaxed and went to them.  I was happy they got to see him one last time.

This was Jordan's bedroom.

 And this was his crib.

 This is where the kids play.

Here is Jordan with his sweet friend, Norah, who is going to be adopted soon as well.

Here's a look at the kitchen. 

 And here is the bathroom.... not that Jordan even used it.

This is the log book where they tracked everything.  Heather looked up the last day Jordan was with us and told us his schedule for that day. 

 When it was time to leave, there were no tears!  In fact, Jordan blew his nannies kisses goodbye.  I am so glad we decided to go see his home and nannies and just as glad that he was able to handle it.  I didn't want to have to rip the bandaid off two days in a row.  

 Here we are at the entrance of Jordan's building.
We had planned to take some pictures and video for a family that is adopting one of Jordan's friends very soon, but we found out that although she is still with the same foster care organization, their daughter was no longer in Jordan's home.  When I told Heather that, she offered to take us to Remy's current home too, if we wanted to.  It was about a 10 minute walk, and since it was so nice outside, we happily went.  I can't even begin to express how much it meant to me when someone did the same for me, so I really wanted to get pictures for Remy's family. And as an added bonus, it was fun take a stroll and to see the neighborhood goings ons.   

Chinese Bridge Club!!   

On our way to the other home, we stopped to say hello to this woman who works with Swallow's Nest and knew Jordan. 

That blue and white truck sprays water on the roads to keep the dust down.  The funny thing was that it was blaring an ice cream truck-like rendition of "We Wish You A Merry Christmas".  

Here is sweet Remy.  We took a bunch of pictures of her and a little bit of video to send to her family.  I also hugged her a few times and whispered in her ear that her Mama loved her and her family was coming to get her soon.   I'm really excited for her family to get to add such a darling daughter to their numbers.

When our visiting was done, we treated Heather to dinner as a thank you for taking us around.  She knew of a great little restaurant and we let her order the food.  It was delicious!!  All in all, it was a pretty great day.


  1. Josh and I both love to read about your adventures each day! I'm so happy that you have Jordon now and that he is loving you guys....but really who wouldn't! Also is that what we look like at bridge club?

  2. so glad you got to go and it went great!!! we are so grateful for your family and all our new wonderful friends...see you guys tomorrow :)

  3. LOVE LOVE YOU and are so indebted to you and your kindness. LOVE JOrdan's litlte plaid shortalls ........

  4. I am so excited for you guys! What an incredible experience you are all having as you add cute little Jordan to your family! I love reading all about your travels, tastes and emotions - sounds like you are making memories you will never forget! Love you guys! So excited to meet Jordan in person!