Saturday, August 2, 2014

China: Day 3 Touring

 On the bus with our representative, George.  He was pretty awesome.  Maddie is sure none of our other reps can be as great as George has been.

 Just Santa Claus on a roof with his friends, rabbit and tiger.

 We are all still exhausted from jet lag.  

No really, so tired I can't think straight.
 The Great Wall of China!

 Crazy steep climb.

 We made it up!  On our way back down.

 Even Maddie, who fell apart on the way up, was able to enjoy going back down. 

 Next we visited a jade factory and watched them carve some jade.

 The fish was Kaitlyn's favorite at lunch.  It was delicious! 

 We made a quick drive through the Olympic park.

 We got to go to a Chinese Acrobat show.  It was amazing!!  

 12 women on one bike??  I loved watching Maddie and Kaitlyn's faces just as much as the show.  They were really blown away.

 This is 8 motorcycles riding in the cage at the same time.  When the third driver came out, I was like, "NO!"  But they just kept adding more.  Unreal!

 Saying goodbye to George.

We went to dinner with some of the other families in our travel group.  With it being our last night in Beijing, our conversation was mostly about the big day coming up.  We were all waking up early the next morning to head to our children's home provinces. (all but one is going to Henan with us) I can't believe we are finally so close to meeting Jordan!!

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